What is Java Persistence API ?

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  • JPA is a specification for accessing, persisting and managing data between Java Objects and Relational Database.
  • Technically JPA is just set of interfaces (Specification) and thus require an implementation.
  • It needs ORM(Object Relational Mapping) implementation to work with and persist Java Objects
what is java persistence api (jpa)
  • There are several Object Relational Mapping implementations.
    1. Hibernate – Open Source
    2. Top Link – By Oracle
    3. Eclipse Link – Eclipse Persistance Platform
    4. Open JPA – By Apache
    5. MyBatis – Open Source – Formerly known as iBATIS
    6. Many More …
  • Eclipse Link (Eclipse Persistence Platform led by Oracle) Project as the reference implementation for the JPA 2.0 , JSR 317 Standard
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