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How to import maven project into eclipse

A step by step Guide on How to import an existing maven project into eclipse.

Note: There are different types of maven projects to import into eclipse. In this Tutorial I am trying to explain about importing existing Maven project.

Import existing maven project :

  • Downloaded from this site or already existing maven project place in your eclipse workspace.
  • Right click on project explorer –> Select “Import” –> Select “Import”. Follow below screen.

import maven project in eclipse step 1

Select “Existing Maven Projects” –> Click on “Next”.

select existing maven project

Browse your project from work space –> Click on “Finish”. Your maven project will be imported, you can see in Project Explorer.

browse existing maven project into eclipse

Build Maven Project :

  • Right click on project that imported into eclipse –> select “Run As” –> select “Maven build” (2nd option, first option triggers recently used goals for build)

build maven project in eclipse

  • Enter goals “clean install” –> click on “Run”
  • You can see in console build status, Status should be “SUCCESS”.

maven clean install in eclipse

Output :

eclipse console results

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