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Eclipse setup for Java 9 – Oxygen

Eclipse setup for Java 9 :

In this article we are giving steps for the eclipse setup for java 9. To provide support for java 9 there is an eclipse 4.7-U-Builds update released for 4.7 Oxygen version.

Assumptions :

  1. We assume that Java 9 already downloaded and installed and setup environment paths. This is normal process as previous version of java installation. If you are not setup you need to download and install jdk 9.
  2. We assume that eclipse oxygen version already downloaded and setup. If you are not setup download and setup.

Steps for eclipse setup for Java 9  :

Step 1 :

In eclipse click on Help option -> Select Eclipse Market place.

eclipse market place

Step 2 :

In find search field enter Java 9 and press enter. From the results click on install by selecting relevant update and then follow Step 3.

eclipse market place search Java 9 setup

Step 3 :

Select 4.7-U-builds update and then follow installation process, then restart eclipse.

eclipse oxygen java 9 setup

Step 4 :

Open eclipse -> select Window option -> Select Preferences option.

Expand Java -> Select Installed JREs -> click on Add button.

Installed JREs in eclipse

Step 5 :

Select Directories button -> Select Jdk 9 installation path -> click on Finish.

Select jdk installation path eclipse

Step 6 :

Select newly configured JRE (JDK 9 check box).

select installed JREs eclipse

Step 7 :

In window preferences select Compiler option -> Select 9 from drop down -> then click on save and close.

java compiler selection in eclipse

Conclusion :

In this article we have covered Eclipse setup for Java 9 in Oxygen version. By using above configuration you can create new java 9 projects, modules and compile your code in java 9.

If you want to work with modules in eclipse, to create module-info.java file right click on project -> select configure option -> select module-info.java. You might be interested in detailed article about creating multiple modules in eclipse using Java 9.


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