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javabydeveloper.com is the independent resource by enterprise Java technology developers for developers who want to learn about Java most popular and related technologies. Our primary goal is to provide simple and effective tutorials with well tested working examples for the all level of developers.

Who write articles on javabydeveloper.com?

Any java developer who willing write  and has passion are allow to write articles/tutorials on javabydeveloper.com. To write on this site and to know more about writing on this site contact us at [email protected], share with us LinkedIn (must) and other (optional) social profiles to review and create account for you.


Our Authors

Satish Varma
Satish is post graduated in master of computer applications and experienced software engineer with focus on Spring, JPA, REST, TDD and web development. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook
Prashanth Kumar Chilukamari
Prashanth is a post graduate in master of computer applications, and a professional software engineer with focus on Java, Spring boot, micro services and pivotal cloud. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook.
Nadhiya Chandrasekaran
Nadhiya is automation engineer with strong QA skills and expertise on Java, automation testing and various test and test management tools. Follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook.


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